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A door creates an atmosphere of security and comfort at any time of day or year. You can truly relax and enjoy only when you feel comfortable and safe. That's why Salamander places great importance on meeting all your expectations: from individual design and stylish aesthetics to ease of maintenance, combined with the highest security and quality standards. Reliability is a must in every Salamander door system!

Inquire about the door systems developed by Salamander, such as bluEvolution and Salamander, as well as sliding door systems, and you will see: these profile systems are available in almost all technical combinations and design variants.

bluEvolution 92

sealing levels, is the optimal combination of security and energy efficiency. The inward or outward opening entrance door leaf is ideal for panel thicknesses up to 60 mm, making it perfect for thermal insulating triple glazing and functional glazing, without any limitations on colored doors - all with a slim visible width of 164 mm.

The plastic threshold with aluminum step protection is designed for single and double-leaf doors and also offers special adapter profiles for barrier-free access over the threshold area. The use of high-quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship ensures a long service life. Thanks to a wide range of colors and decor options, even unique color preferences can be realized.

Up to Ud = 0.71 W/(m²K)
Burglary resistance: up to RC 2


As the entrance to a home, the front door reveals a first impression of the style, character, and personal taste of the residents. This knowledge presents developers and designers with new challenges every day. Because as a functional but also decorative and highly personal element of a house, the front door must meet the most demanding requirements in both function and design.

It must be able to withstand thoughtless slamming as easily as extreme weather conditions. High stability, optimal thermal insulation, excellent sound and burglary protection, long lifespan, and sophisticated design are the crucial factors that the front door systems of bluEvolution 82 far exceed.

Up to Ud = 0.75 W/(m²K)
Burglary resistance: up to RC 3

bluEvolution 73

The first impression convinces – and so does the second. The front door profiles Brügmann bluEvolution 73 are specifically designed for the high demands placed on an entrance door. The extremely stable construction with large-sized steel reinforcements withstands permanent stress and offers maximum comfort.

The 4-chamber technology with its surrounding seals ensures perfect thermal insulation and maximum soundproofing as a standard. For the highest security requirements, fittings with 3- or 5-point locking systems can be used - ensuring that your home remains secure!

Up to Ud = 0.86 W/(m²K)
Burglary resistance: up to RC 2

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