The Salamander C3 Principle

With Personalized Consultation to Your Perfect Window

Not all windows are the same. Depending on factors like location, orientation, climate conditions, building characteristics, and more, different types of windows are needed. It's easy to lose track. Our myWindow_C3 system assesses all essential parameters and guides you through three levels, a process we call the Salamander C3 Principle. Based on the collected data, you'll gain valuable insights, understand your windows' requirements, and receive tailored recommendations for our window systems.

This individual consultation helps you find the perfect window for your project, enhancing the quality and value of your home.

The myWindow_C3 app by Salamander, through its C3 principle, offers tailored window consulting that considers various parameters to recommend the ideal window system for individual requirements and specific living situations, thereby enhancing the quality and value of the house.



The C3 principle "Climate" by Salamander focuses on the energy balance of windows depending on the course of the sun. It takes into account that windows let in different amounts of sunlight and thus energy into the house, depending on their orientation.

Especially on the south side, the energy input is highest, which is supported by optimized sun protection in summer and additional energy input in winter. Salamander recommends considering location data such as temperature differences, precipitation amounts, and burglary statistics to optimally adapt the window properties.


The basic principle of windows is that a larger glass portion leads to higher light and energy input, as the glazing insulates better than the frame. Historically, technological advancements allowed for larger panes of glass, increasing the glass portion in windows and reducing the need for muntins. While multi-glazing, which improves insulation, reduces light and energy input, it has resulted in larger windows. Sustainability correlates with costs and economic efficiency.

In Germany, there are 40 million apartments, of which only 0.75% are newly built each year. Therefore, an intelligent renovation strategy is necessary, taking into account the specific factors of each construction age class.


In "Customer", the final step of C3, the focus is on the customer. Your wishes and requirements are the pivotal point for customizing the windows. With the help of the myWindow_C3 app, customers can contribute their preferences and choose from the wide range of Salamander systems and innovations. This means that customers have the freedom to tailor their windows precisely to their needs. The personal result determined by the app leads to a tailor-made product that meets the individual requirements of the customer.

The myWindow_C3 App

All your requirements can be playfully planned with our C3 app - available soon