Salamander evolutionDrive

Our Sliding Systems - Living Quality on a New Level

The development of innovative sliding elements not only provides a living space with the highest comfort and optimal security but also serves as a stylish and space-saving building component. The requirements for excellent thermal insulation and large-sized glass can be fully met through well-thought-out system constructions, adding warmth and liveliness to the interior. The easy opening method additionally enhances the living quality, and the narrow and elegant visible width delights property owners.

Be inspired by our sliding elements from the evolutionDrive system, which score with user-friendly installation, flexibility in technical combinations, and excellent test values.

evolutionDrive Plus+

Sliding Elements: Space-Saving, Space-Opening – An Addition to Living Space

The new Parallel-Turn-Slide System evolutionDrive Plus+ from Salamander impresses with its space-saving sliding and ventilation comfort, as well as its space-opening effect through generous glass surfaces. Once again, Salamander presents itself as an innovator in the field of window and door solutions. In all developments, the company always considers the experience, design, comfort, and sustainability of its products to achieve the best possible result for its customers and the future of windows.

evolutionDrive SF

The Smart Concept - Where Flexibility Becomes Natural

The smart concept evolutionDrive: SF scores with its versatile use as a sliding window or sliding door construction, providing maximum flexibility to every processor. With a frame depth of 76 mm, the slim profile impresses with a modern architectural style and is compatible with all connection profiles and glazing techniques of the Streamline series.

evolutionDrive HST

The Comfortable Lift-and-Slide Door Solution for Connecting to the Outdoors

With large-sized window elements, light enters your home – as with the evolutionDrive lift-and-slide door, bringing your interior to life. The door construction is designed for optimal stability and allows for large glass areas and large opening elements in various operating schemes. The efficient thermal protection of the system solution is thanks to the optimized sealing levels, especially in the central part – ensuring that the cold stays where it belongs.

evolutionDrive 60

New System Generation with Reliable Security

The clever sliding window range offers a selection of multi-track frames with a depth of 60 mm, 74 mm, 92 mm, and 108 mm. Well-thought-out product design enhances security and stability in windy and stormy weather conditions. With a wide range of profiles and accessories, there is a suitable solution for every architectural situation.

Award - CO2 Savings Thanks to PVC Recycling

Our main location in Türkheim was awarded by Dekura for the purchase of 1481 tons of PVC regranulate in 2021. This contributes to a saving of 2745 tons of CO2.

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